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Kids Are Getting Acne Younger Than Ever, Doctors Say

The survey of nearly 900 people examined their susceptibility to acne, and its severity, finding the condition was prevalent in more than a quarter (27%) of participants. However, smokers were found to be more than one-and-a-half times more likely than average to suffer from acne, with 40.8 per cent of those questioned who smoked reporting outbreaks of the common skin condition. But giving up smoking has a clear effect on the likelihood of developing the condition, as only 23.5 per cent of participants who were ex-smokers were found to suffer from acne. Overall, nearly three in 10 of the men questioned were found to suffer from the condition, while it was found in less than 24 per cent of the women studied. Acne solutions are available through recognised cosmetic surgery clinics, with Isolaz Acne Treatments, Obagi Skin Peels and Dermaroller treatment among the options offered by The Harley Medical Group clinics.

While if you suffer from an acute acne problem, it's best that you visit a dermatologist, you can bid adieu to a pimple here and there by following these simple home remedies just make sure you don't suffer from any allergies. Acne usually starts with blackheads, which are formed when oil along with dead cells gets stuck in your pores and turn black. The inflammation when it turns red are the unsightly pimples that all of us dread. While a regular clean-up will reduce your blackheads, here's what you can do to prevent obat jerawat punggung them... - Take a few pieces of jaiphal (nutmeg), mix it with some unboiled milk and apply the paste on your acne.

However, acne can be avoided by maintainig a healthy skin regimen, not picking or touching your face. If you do suffer from acne, see your dermatologist as you may have an infection which needs to be treated with oral antibiotics, Goldfaden says. Looking for a quicker fix, we reached out to JoElle Lee , aesthetician to super-stylish First Lady, Michelle Obama. According to her, there are three easy steps to get rid of blemishes asap. Start by cleaning your face with hot water to open up your pores or steam the face in a hot shower," Lee says.

Therapies can combine some of these products. Back-to-school physical exams are a good time for parents to address skin concerns with their kids' doctors, dermatologists say. They can help assess whether the acne is significant enough to start therapy, says Eichenfield, professor of pediatrics and medicine at the University of California-San Diego. Doctors also can check whether a child has a hormonal imbalance, says Andrea Zaenglein, professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pa.

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